This week just hasn't felt right, I just feel "stuck in a rut." I've spent the last 3 months recovering and rehabbing from my most recent left knee meniscectomy (not to be confused with my right meniscectomy which was in feb 14'), although I did just got back to rock climbing and doing some light cardio which I love, it just isn't running, although I don't LOVE running, I do LOVE the feeling I get afterwards -that blissed out -I-just-pushed-myself-really-hard feeling that follows a good long run and the rewards of a well deserved cold beer. There is also the feeling of being accomplished the rest of the day, that being said, that is what I miss the most -how great I felt after I ran - I hate not running.

So on Monday I decided it was time to test out my new knee. To begin, I did some High Intensity Interval Training, some stretching and was about to call it a workout, but before I left I just felt this tug from within to run, so I fired up the treadmill, set it to a speed far below my usual speed and hit start, and so it goes. So to date I ran my first mile on Monday,  that was my first mile without pain in over a year, albeit a slow and singular mile, it was the act of running that I did.. I ran a whole mile and was on the verge of crying tears of joy the entire time! I can't wait to get back to running a few more half marathons and calling it good.. I hope that happens, I am hopeful!

Now, the rest of this rut feeling has got me craving some outdoor adventures... so I pondered through some of my favorite shots I took this summer... I can't wait to get my hair wet, and my back full of sweat, I miss my warm weather adventures!


1920386_10204281404653451_8528750999573742733_nAngel's Rest

10562542_10204555618388623_4531533029529938665_o 10658663_10204555618468625_254339074021310173_o

SUPing Trillium Lake

10665117_10204555637589103_6587637336591964226_nSurfing Indian Beach