Hi, You've come to my Let's Work Together page! Take a look around and see for yourself what my blog is all about. If you're not sure how you wound up here head to my About page and get to know me a little or head to my Blog and see what topics I like to cover. 

Interested in a collaboration? I've worked with some fun companies, PR groups, and restaurants in the past and am open to finding ways to work your brand in with my blog and social media presence. If you would like to learn more about forging a relationship, please drop me a line at maxenestrail@gmail.com.

Please note, my trails involve hiking, exploring a new city, surfing on the Oregon coast, and many many more, while my crumbs can range from recipe creation, restaurant reviews, cocktails, and food events. I strive to be honest with my readers, and only work with companies and products that I enjoy and would promote without hesitation; to give you an idea of my past relationships take a look below!

If you'd rather skip the research you can reach me at Maxenestrail @ gmail.com



I'd be honored to attend your soft-opening or media day, food blogging is one of my biggest hobbies!


I've worked with Degustabox, Imperfect Produce, and Acme Farms + Kitchen. Eating is my main interest, but I also have a rock climbing, surfing, and dinner hosting problem. If your product falls within the list of my favorite extracurricular activities lets chat!



I love food and I love photos, combine the two and you have me behind a lens capturing drool worthy photos, and later, blogging about it.


From Spain to Thailand and everything in between, I love the new experiences that come with every trip I've taken. Did you know diesel comes in different grades in Spin, or that Cambodia uses the US dollars as their currency? Point: travel shows you how little you know in the world and I hope to bridge that gap.

I am currently an ambassador with Orox leather and have taken their products with me to Spain, Greece, Italy, Cambodia, and Thailand. If you have an item to send with me on my travels let's discuss a partnership!

Follow this LINK to see some of my amazing wedding photos by photographer Andreas Holm and read about our wedding adventures with our drawstring rucksack from Orox Leather Co.

Let's chat! drop me a line below or email me at maxenestrail@gmail.com.

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