If I haven't said it yet, I'll gladly announce it again; Portland's  summers are the best! 

From sunny al fresco brunch dates, happy hour's that land between errands,  weekend trips to the many neighborhood's farmer's markets, to dressing up just to go beer tasting in town, the city of roses is one that offers so much to do, eat, drink and see. In Portland and the Pacific Northwest there really is no shortage of fresh food options making the place I call home culinary heaven!

Since the beginning of my life in Portland (just over 4 years ago now) I have photo logged just about everything I've eaten and drank in this awesome city. At the very beginning of my eating journey I maintained a little Moleskin food diary; with little side notes of what was ordered and what times places had offered their happy hour, what items I wanted to try next time, and what stood out about said restaurant. Yep, I a a little food nerd and also analog.  This was all before I had discovered Yelp and other public forums for discovering and storing reviews and photos. With that all said, I still love capturing food photos but now I try to do it without embarrassing myself too much.

Below is a a little taste of some of the delicious finds I ate this summer 2015

Bad Habit Room:

Bad Habit Room Portland. Beer Bread Benedict

Corned Beef Hash, House-made Pop-tart, and my favorite Eggs Blackstone!

Tasty n Alder:

Spanish Coffee's, Chocolate donuts with creme anglaise, Lemon ricotta pancakes, Potatoes Bravas, Radicchio Salad, and Birthday Panna Cotta 

Boke Bowl:

Boke Bowl Fried Chicken Bao

the Fried Chicken Bao steals all the real estate in my stomach the moment anyone mentions fried chicken

Olympia Provisions:

Olympia Provisions has one of the best brunch offerings in all of Portland time and time again. Menu's do differ slightly between the NW and SE locations. 

Fox Tail Cider:

Fox Tail Cider on the Fruit Loop Trail

A tasting flight at Fox Tail Cider to be enjoyed after a fun day of fruit picking on Mt. Hood's Fruit Loop Trail

Bluebird Dinning Hall:

Gresham finally has a little dinning gem! Have you been for Breakfast yet? Go soon!

Bottle + Kitchen:

Hotel Happy Hour with great drinks and a delightful menu full of food for everyone.


The County Cat:

vegeterian pasta dish at the country cat

Oven and Shaker

Fish Sauce:

meriwether's restaurant:

Victoria Bar:

Silver Moon Creperie:

the most delicious pistachio cardamom cream crepe 

the most delicious pistachio cardamom cream crepe 

Verde Cocina:

The Hop & Vine:

fried egg on a burger is love!

fried egg on a burger is love!



negroni for charity at interurban

negroni for charity at interurban

wedding anniversary treats:

food from my home and shared with neighbors:

Commons Brewery:

tasting flight at commons brewery


Pine State:

surfer fuel, pine state biscuits for the road to the coast!

surfer fuel, pine state biscuits for the road to the coast!

i sincerely hope you've been visually inspired to skip a chain restaurant when in portland and stop at one of our amazing portland restaurants!

buen provecho!


the beginning of march has proven to be very busy, here's how the start of my march has started:


i drove 3.5 hour drive across the state to attend a very cute green bay packers-themed baby shower for a sweet friend. afterwards i made a few rounds of visiting with a few old friends, and of course i had to stop by my dad's and see my cute baby sister.


my husband and i decided to skip surfing and instead enjoy a leisurely brunch at the bad habit room; beer bread, poached eggs, and pop tarts were just what we needed. after brunch we enjoyed my first outside 3 mile run in the sun -since December 2013. We then completed our weekend with happy hour beers, pizza pies and a marshmallow topped ice cream sunday.


spent my after-work hours sipping some sparkling cava from mason jars with my lovely neighbor and sure am enjoying these extra hours of wonderful daylight savings times and catching some sunsets.