husband-guy had to travel quite a bit for work early in the start of the year. when march rolled we were anticipating some down time together but that never came, instead work needed him to head over to nashville, tennessee. since we were not looking forward to another weekend apart we both flew to nashville together, a few days ahead of his scheduled work. 

i had never been to nashville, tennessee (husband has been many times for work) and since i am quite the food lover, i figuratively went to town asking around and searching online for things to not miss. thankfully we have family right over there, it was very nice to have someone that can give honest reviews of the places i had researched.

our nashville adventures started THURSDAY, MARCH 26TH.

straight off the plane and buckled into our rental, we went straight to pinewood social. he ordered an ipa, i ordered a whiskey ginger lime. we started our trip on a great happy note.


next stop, craft beer! since husband had already been to nashville a few times he had a brewery in mind; yazoo. we ordered our golden ipa's and took a seat in their cozy brewery. we knew rain was to be during our trip, but wow, it was incredibly chilly.

last stop for the night and it needed to be food. since we were in tennessee it only seemed fitting to search out some tennessee barbeque; peg leg porker it was.


the following morning, FRIDAY MARCH 27th.

we woke up early and went to start our afternoon with our lovely cousins, plus we got to formally met our newest cousin and it was love love love! after everyone was fed and burped, we went for our first meal of the day. hot chicken or burgers?

we started at burger up; since my stomach is such a delicate flower i knew i wouldn't be able to handle a heavy burger for my first meal, so I went with beet salad and moscow mule instead... cause you know, a beer would have been just a little too much.

after we planted a good base in our stomach's we just had to stop at edley's bar-b-que for this well talked-up, boozed-up milkshake. cause you know, a beet salad only offered little calcium and no chocolate to my diet. let's fill in the missing deficiencies with a boozey milk shake, which is called a bushwacker, i being somewhat sensitive to dairy had a halfwacker and i was a silly happy gal afterwards.

and because i am me and i just had to find the 'i believe in nashville sign' and get a photo taken of me doing my happy chaplin kicks. mission completed!

after a long day of running around nashville and spending a good hour in traffic, a home cooked meal in the comforts of our family's home was perfect.

the boys cooked up salmon (caught during a trip with our other family members living in alaska) grilled squash and asparagus, and a quick bruschetta 

SATURDAY, MARCH 26TH. since it was going to be my last full day of nashville we decided to be grown-ups about it and do a little driving around day.

we started with breakfast at Mack & Kate's, we had to try some pimento topped fried green tomatoes and like usual i ordered the crab cakes eggs benedict as honey badger went for the the shrimp and grits. 

went back to the cousin's to sneak in some baby snuggles.

we then headed to the beautiful replica of the parthenon in centennial park in nashville, tn, no not athens.


to almost finish the day we then met up with our buddy at the flying saucer brewery. being a gal of distinguished taste i had to try a taster trey. some were delicious but it is safe to say i do not like belgium beers, doesn't matter what side of the north america's i am on, i do not like them, no i don't.


for our last tennessee supper and i chose to go off a recommendation to the farm house as the restaurant was comparable to our portland favorite. although i had read some not-so-stellar reviews online; i still had to see how it could turn out. our night started with a really bad beer on tap list (it doesn't exist), at that moment i should have ran, instead i ordered a cocktail and honey badger had a beer. his canned beer was what he expected and my cocktail was awful. we had better hopes for dinner. oh yeah that was worse. we shared everything and everything was bad, the worse part was our deconstructed hot chicken. allow me to just apply these flavor profiles; dry, starchy, fryer oil. yuck. not only were our dinners awful, so were our appetizers which i already buried deep past my frontal lobe. if you want to read more about my experience, head to yelp. you'll see.

bye nashville! time for the husband to work and i would get to get home!