Four more days and culinary heaven will be ascending upon us antsy feasters. I am all ready, I have my food and alcohol hangover kit ready with activated charcoal, aspirin, coconut water, and of course I have my ride-share apps all ready to roll. With that said I must share more reasons why you should stop neglecting the opportunity to snag some Feast Portland 2018 tickets. While many events have long sold out -within minutes- there are still many festival events open to attend and plenty within a comfortable price range. Scroll below to find a little photo breakdown of what you might be missing out on. 


Feast Portland's inaugural Thursday night kick-off event, The Sandwich Invitation, has sadly sliced its' last sandwich during last September 2017's go around.  The sandwiches have gone stale and a new hombre has rolled into town. Introducing the new Thursday night main event The 80's vs 90's. Where a new team era competition is set to take place  with the help of 20 chefs divided into Team 80's versus Team 90's.  Still held at the Rose Quarter Commons -home of the Portland Trailblazers and the Winterhawks- and is still a team competition putting team 80's against team 90's. This new era competition is sure to divide the crowd into Team Pizza Pockets versus Team Tostinos. 

80’s vs 90’s tickets are $125 for 3 hours of unlimited food and beverage.


The Grand Tastings are still the same as previous years and are a great beginner event for any new Feast attendee. They are set up in the sprawling Pioneer Square, right in the heart of Downtown Portland. The event itself feels like a walk through tunnel of every Whole Foods, New Seasons, and Costco store during live demos and sampling from vendor reps (minus the chaos of shopping carts and checkout lanes) just exponentially elevated. 

Just like the years prior there are two Grand Tasting Events, Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. As of right now Saturday's Grand Tasting has sold out, but there are still tickets available for Friday's Grand Tasting. Aside from tasting every bite from over 80 vendors, bakers, artisans, and makers, do not forget to fill up your wine glass from a myraid of local and national wineries pouring tastings straight from the bottle and then grab a spot on the bricks for one of my favorite sessions, the fireside chats, or look out for the hourly live action cooking demos like this demonstration from last year's Williams Sonoma Booth where Chef Gregory Gourdet of Departure, Portland and Chef Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish, Los Angeles made Charred Brussel Sprouts, Mole Blanco, Habanero, and peanuts with Finex cookware. 

Ticket sales are for $75 each and are all inclusive of food and drink. 21 and over only.

Don't forget to check the daily schedules for the Fireside Chats


1:30p - Sean Brock (Husk, Charleston, SC) with Amiel Stanek (Senior Editor, Bon Appetit)

2:30p - Alvin Cailan (The Usual, New York, NY) with Adam Rapoport (Editor-In-Chief, Bon Appetit)

3:30p - Elias Cairo (Olympia Provisions, Portland, OR)  with Adam Rapoport (Editor-In-Chief, Bon Appetit)


12:30p - Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn, San Francisco, CA) with Julia Kramer (Deputy Editor, Bon Appetit)

1:30p - Edouardo Jordan (JuneBaby, Seattle, WA) with Julia Kramer (Deputy Editor, Bon Appetit)

2:30p Bonnie Morales (Kachka, Portland, OR) with Christina Chaey (Associate Editor, Bon Appetit)


I've said it before and I will say it again and again, Drink Tank events is where the party is at! 

For an hour in length ticket holders are sat in front of a table full of whatever highlighted alcohol has creatively lent itself to the headlining theme. Your table placemat will be covered in more drinks than you can carry and enough to make you a little -or very- tipsy -depending on your stamina to drink and will to hydrate. The Drink Tank events are really one of the most underrepresented classes offered. Each year the themes change and dive into the most recent of drinking trends. Have you been following the recent spike of Rose-inspired beers and ciders in production or the recent influx of natural wines appearing on wine lists?

Just as the themes change so do the attending panelists, for the past 3 years we've had Bon Appetit columnist Marissa A. Ross talk on various wine topics, including my first very interactive Beer vs Wine  Drink Tank from 2016 -an event that had me laughing out of my chair and taste pairing wine, beer, and cheese. The guest panelists are so insightful, often funny, and if you catch them on a good day you can even hear some holesome bar shamming through background stories between the panelists. 

Tickets run from $25 to $55 and there are still tickets left to The New (Old) Italy, Act Naturally: Natural Wine Comes of Age, and Tickled Pink: Why Rose-Inspired ciders and beers are taking over


Hands-on classes at Feast are just like they sound, hands-on. The class theme and time vary, as do the prices. The classes range from in price from $65 to $160 and the highlights of the class can range from cooking classes with master chefs, turning pie into works of art, learning how to stylize your next dinner gathering into instagramable pictures, to building your very own macrame piece while sipping rose.

Below are scenes from last year's Bon Appetit's "Inside the Test Kitchen" with Brad Leone and Carla Music. Talk about Fangirl moment for me, a longtime reader of Bon Appetit.

There are still tickets available to Macrame and Rose, and Pigeon Toe Ceramics + Lord Birthday: Dream Muggin'. Although these aren't my favorite events I would say this is just more ammo to get tickets early next year.. Just sayin'.


Previous Feast years have taken trips through Latin America and Spanish speaking countries and a long trip through the Asian continent to showcase a global feast very reminiscent of a SE Asian night market. Bright lanterns hang from each food stall, strings of lights illuminate the walkway, a live DJ is pumping out the beats -in the case of last year, spicy latin music-, the atmosphere is absolutely festive and you might find yourself dancing between stands. 

For Feast 2018 Night Market has taken a trip through the Pacific Rim encompassing everything along the America's coast line, across the waters to Polynesia and Australia, and back up the Asian Continent. The Pacific Rim is going to be a festive event with a live DJ, over 20 participating chefs, and many participating sponsors presenting cocktails, and eats.  

Also, if you are an Alaska Airlines Card holder be on the lookout for special perks like VIP entrance to some events but most importantly to VIP lounges, which will be the case at Night Market. 

This event is currently sold out, better try to get them next year!

Left to Right: Potato and Ham Croquetas from Bar Ama, Tuna Tostadas from Local Oceans, and Carrot Nachos from Ghost Donkey. 

The bustling scenes from Night Market


Wonder what's so hot about this famed Smoked event that sells out every year? Well, the key is experiencing Smoked first hand. Nothing can describe the excitement that boils in your veins as you drive up to the Fields Park on night three of Feast week greeted by plumbs of smoke marbling the evening skyline into a hazy fog. If you can't quite make out those smoke signals allow me to interpret, "You've made it to Smoked!" Feast Portland's final main evening event which takes place in the open air in the heart of the Pearl District at The Fields park. 

This grand event runs every Saturday evening of feast week and it happens to be a crowd favorite selling out every year -and this year in under 9 minutes. There are many reasons why some events win the hearts of feasters but Smoked is an event unlike the rest. The event showcases over 20 chefs preparing dishes using their interpretation of smoked. In previous years there were Smoked Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies, Smoked Root Beer Floats, Grilled Snake River Farms Tomahawk bathed in Smoked Bone Marrow, and items without a direct smoked correlation like the Ricotta Fritter, Apple Butter, Rosemary and Pork Fat Powder. 

This event sold out in 9 minutes this year meaning it will only become increasingly popular, with the potential to sell out within the first minutes like many other events have in previous years. 

Montrel Smoked Beef Tartare, Grilled Bone Marrow, Preserved egg, and Shaved Horseradish from St. Jack Restaurant, Portland. 

Favorite bites Left to Right: Pork Ribs and puffed rice from Fat Rice, Ricotta Fritter, Apple Butter, Rosemary and Pork Fat Powder and ,Hama Hama Oysters, Smoked Tomato Kasundi, Pickled Mustard Seeds, and Cilantro


The final day four of Feast Portland has arrived and with it being the last day of all events what better way to send off the throngs of feasters than to send them through Portland's most quintessential meal, Brunch. And not just to a plated brunch buffet of tired eggs, dried out sausage, and a puddle of hollandaise teetering on the verge of the danger zone but to an entire village dedicated to brunch. I'm talking about half of Pioneer Square covered under a tarp with over a dozen talented chefs from across the nation supplying their best morning versions of eggs and biscuits, yogurt parfaits, fried chicken sandos, build-your-own bloody mary bar, kombucha on tap, and mimosas, the perfect start to your sunday funday!

Tickets are still available for Brunch Village: $95 a ticket for three hours of food and drink.


Feast Portland's Fun-sized events have truly become one of my most anticipated events. They are not quite as grand as the Main events and not as intimate as the Dinner series. The Feast Fun-Sized events offer a more focused, as the name implies, Fun-Sized approach. The atmosphere is a little more of everything with a little less of everything. Less waiting in lines, more places to sit, less of the hurry up and grab ideology, and more time to chat with some of your favorite participating chefs. 

Below are scenes from last years Sunday Fun-sized event "Because Breakfast."  The running theme of this year's event was a collection of instagram-ready breakfast goods, including pastries, crêpes, drool worthy donuts and morning cocktails. Handcrafted creations from Clare Gordon (General Porpoise Donuts, Seattle), Kim Boyce (Bakeshop, PDX), Jehnee Rains (Suzette, PDX) and Michael Scelfo (Waypoint, Boston). Treats so pretty, you might feel guilty eating them.

There are still tickets the following 2018 Fun-Sized events:

Tickets are still available to a few events, if you have the chance, you do not want to miss out! Head to www.FeastPortland.com to snag the last few!

Disclosure: I was invited to participate and provide Feast Portland social media coverage with a staff pass which included entry into all main events, hands-on classes, fun-sized events, and Drink Tanks. I was not provided the pass in exchange for coverage but to help with their social media platform. I wrote this post because I am a big fan of Feast Portland felt the need to share my love.

As always, all opinions expressed are my own.


Let's just preface this post by saying in the past scurry of buying Feast Portland tickets, I may have severely overlooked some knockout, smaller, intimate Drink Tank events -like really really overlooked- because I favor the variety the main events offer and the crowds really don't bother me.

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the Drink Tank Events on a Feast Portland media pass and although I was super pregnant (like 34 weeks) and unable to partake in drinking, I was completely impressed by the entire event set up, the fun joking atmosphere, the amount of knowledge behind every individual on the panel, and, of course, how much drinking was involved! Although Feast Portland is very much a food forward festival let's not forget about the drinking that is to be done during Feast week!

Two things you must know about Feast Portland's drink tank series: 

1. The Drink Tank's are one part interactive drinking audience and two parts education.

2. The Drink Tank events are a really good deal, for under $60 you get a dedicated hour of learning, a reserved seat, personal cocktails; beer; wine; cider (depending on what course you choose), paired snacks to share amongst your table-mates, water, education on what you're imbibing on, and a guest panel of very serious drinkers to answer all of your serious or canny questions. 

Just scroll down my list of 2016 Drink Tank events presented by Imbibe below to read the reasons why you and I should never overlook these events again.


1. Reserved seating. No lines, no juggling drinks and eats, overall, a nice sit down atmosphere.

guest panel lineup:

  • Kate Bolton, Maven, Portland, OR
  • Paul Clarke, Imbibe, Portland, OR
  • Neil Kopplin, Imbue Cellars, Beaverton, OR
  • Ryan Magarian, Hamlet, Portland, OR
  • Jake Parrott, Haus Alpenz, Bristow, VA


2. A guest panel of enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers. 

guest panel lineup:

  • Kate Derby Raymond, Spring Valley Vineyard, Walla Walla, WA
  • Brennon Leighton, B. Leighton Wines, Seattle, WA
  • Tony Rynders, Tendril Wine Cellars, Carlton, OR
  • Bruce Schoenfeld, Saveur, Boulder, CO


3. Lots and lots of ALCOHOL!

guest panel lineup:

  • Paul Clarke, Imbibe, Portland, OR
  • Simon Ford, The 86 co, Studio City, CA
  • Jim Romdall, Rumba, Weattle, WA
  • Michael Shea, Rum cCub, Portland, OR

Although I didn't participate in the drinking, I was dumbfounded at the bits of knowledge tossed out behind the rum making process and how to concoct a great daiquiri.

[PS. how much more alcohol do we need to hammer the point of a great cocktail? As I was leaving this event people from the audience were asking to take the cocktails I was sitting in front of, apparently these were really good!]


4. Audience interaction and participation from your own seat.

For not drinking at any of the Drink Tank events, this event was possibly my favorite events to sit through. So much audience interaction, and I had a girl-crush moment listening to wine aficionado Marissa Ross defend her choices in wine and cheese pairings, while Christian contested the moods of his beers, which made for some great laughs and a desire to pair my beer with cheese.  

the guest panel lineup:

  • Christian debenedetti, Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery, Newberg, OR
  • Marissa Ross, Bon Appetit, Los Angeles, CA
  • Steve Jones, Cheese Bar, Portland, OR

Although a majority of the participating audience had pre-voted wine as their choice drink between wine and beer, the cheese pairings and marissa's charming rebuttals definitely won the audience over as wine won the overall vote. 

Tickets go on sale for Feast Portland's 2017 festival this Friday, June 2nd 9a. The schedule goes live Thursday, June 1st at 9a, don't forget to spend all 24 hours from when the schedule drops to when tickets go on sale to figure out which events you want to attend.

If you don't enjoy sifting through crowds of people, standing for hours while juggling your drinks and eats, a Drink Tank series might be the event for you. with all Drink Tank events you get reserved seating, a sit down intimate atmosphere, all of the conversation realness from your favorite food/drink celebrity, the ability to ask drink or personal related questions to said food crush without too much rush, and, oh snap, let's not forget that there is a whole lot of drinking to be done at these events! don't hesitate on the trigger, tickets drop Friday, June 2nd 2017 at www.FEASTPORTLAND.com

full disclosure:

i was kindly provided a Feast Portland 2016 pass that included entry to the Drink Tank events in exchange for media coverage. all opinions expressed are my own.