ACME Farms + Kitchen

Food subscription boxes are quite popular these days, if you haven't heard of at least one brand of home-delivery food subscription service, I would have to question if you've ever been online in the past two years, or if you've ever heard of a podcast as radio ads for subscription boxes like blue apron, and plated are threaded throughout every other other ad on the daily. 

-So what's the deal with these food subscription boxes, are they worth their weight?

A few weeks back I was given an amazing opportunity to try Portland's local food subscription service ACME and, in the end of cooking up five meals I would have to say yes, yes ACME is totally worth its weight! I received a Large Locavore box from Acme Farms + Kitchen, and for five days I had the guesswork of weekly meal prep eliminated. Let me tell you how nice it was to come home and have meals pre-planned!!! One of the best parts of this meal subscription service is the in-season produce, locally sourced ingredients and meats to make home cooked meals each night. 

the Large Locavore Box which i received contained almost everything to prepare five full dinners; one meat dish, one fish dish, and three vegetarian dishes which is perfect for my household of two. the Large Locavore Box can also be customized for to be all dairy-free, all gluten-free, and both gluten and dairy free. if five meals seems like a bit much, ACME also has a Locavore Trial Box which comes with ingredients and recipe card to prepare one meal to feed 3-4.

on a  paleo diet? ACME has a box for you, the Paleo Locavore Box which comes loaded with five paleo compliant meals

still unsure if ACME Farms + Kitchen has a box for you, check HERE to see if you live with in the local portland, seattle, and bellingham delivery area, and shop the boxes to see if there is one for you, and if you need more incentive to shop and eat local use my code to receive $15 off your first order: FIRST15BH9

inside of my Large Locavore box was just about everything needed for five full meals neatly cold packed and sitting on my doorstep. the produce items were stored in biodegradable bags, and the dry goods in paper bags. i sorted everything out and looked over my recipe card to see what meal required the longest prep and started to sort out my weeks worth of dinners based on the prep.

the recipe cards is laid out in a easy to follow format; each recipe lists what items are needed from your ACME box, what items to pull from your pantry, as well as what dishes require an overnight start (like those with marinades, and soaking) and which will require longer prep and cook time. 

below are a few dishes i was able to prepare from my ACME box





and not pictured: black bean sliders

in total honesty i was a little skeptical about trying a meal delivery service. the meals i make at home are not pre-made nor do i cut corners with pre-made sauces, i cook wholesome fresh meals for my household, this ACME box removed all skepticism i had, nothing in this box was pre-made except for pizza dough, which arrived ready to prepare and not frozen. one major thing that stood out about ACME is all of the products featured in the recipes are all from local and regional purveyors, and the produce is locally grown. the recipe card lays out which purveyors were used for each box, and which items will be needed to complete your meal, many being spices. let's just say i was super impressed with the five meals i was able to prepare from my ACME box. for five days i was able to pull out items from my refrigerator and have dinner ready within an hour. the guess work of cooking an evening meal was eliminated and the meals were fulfilling, fresh, and delicious. 

thank you ACME Farms + Kitchen for sending a Large Locavore Box my way in exchange for my honest review and opinion.