1200 NW 18TH AVE
dim sum service Saturday + Sunday 11am- 3pm

Please tell me you've been to Boke Bowl at least once for a customized bowl of ramen,  or even better, for an order of MY FAVORITE steamed bao filled with an assortment of savory fillings like pork belly, beef brisket, and my number one pick fried chicken, as well as their somewhat sweeter and nostalgic option, the peanut butter and jelly bao. Aside from Boke Bowl's delicious bowls of ramen noodles and rice bowls is their new knock out addition to the brunch scene, dim sum!

I was recently invited to try Boke Bowl West's version of dim sum rolling cart service on a lovely Saturday afternoon

So what's the deal with dim sum?

Dim sum is not your average breakfast situation, there isn't a standard table side service or even casual counter service, instead, dim sum is a sit down situation where carts of steaming baskets filled with bit sized items are wheeled around the room from table to table. While the cart is at your table you can choose from a variety of offerings that are currently stocked on said cart or ask for a special dim sum item fresh from the kitchen

so how does this all go down at Boke Bowl West?

If you fancy yourself a special cocktail or something besides water, order that at the counter and let them know you're interested in Dim Sum, you'll be seated and given a stamp card. Once seated, you just hang out as the carts filled with steaming pots are wheeled by. The biggest difference is not ordering your food items from the counter, unless you'd like to order off the regular menu.


If you're already at Boke Bowl during the breakfast hour you had better take care of any electrolyte deficiencies you may have and order yourself bloody mary, a traditional meal in a glass; besides a delicious lime, tomato, and fish sauce bace, this bloody comes with a delicious piece of Boke's fried chicken! I had a non-alcoholic one and still loved it!

So many options available, just a little look at how we're handling all of the choices.

The dim sum items are charged as small, medium, and large, and also grouped into "from the steam cart" and "from the hot cart or kitchen."

The menu also labels if the items are gluten-free or vegan, a win for everyone!

some of the amazing items we enjoyed:

  • chinese greens with oyster sauce
  • green beans in XO sauce
  • pork and cabbage pot stickers
  • hum bao -both vegan and pork styles
  • sweet rice
  • sui mai -both vegan and meat styles
  • rice noodles -all three varieties, shrimp, mushroom, and pork
  • bee local honey salted tart 
  • fried sesame balls

Although dim sum service is just for the weekends and at at the west side location, their regular menu is still available all day long. Having been a big fan of their ramen, steamed bao, and fried chicken with OD sauce for years, the option to have dim sum just makes my weekend brunch and lunch options so much better!

Thank you to Boke Bowl's co-owners Brannon Riceci and Patrick Fleming for serving us an excellent variety of dishes and to Little Green Pickle for setting up the fantastic media event! 

*disclosure:  i was invited to attend a hosted brunch event at Boke Bowl West to highlight their west side location's weekend dim sum offerings. all opinions shared are my own and not in exchange for a positive review.