the beginnings of a surfboard with Blackfern Surf

blackfern surfboard
blackfern surfboard construciton
blackfern surfboard bones
blackfern surfboard resin
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blackfern surfboar

i paid a little visit to Blackfern surf a few months back when my husband decided i was deserving of a custom made surfboard for my first year of marriage anniversary. since we were already on our way to customize my own board it only seemed fitting for me to have the deciding choice on what colors my board would be, so i had to check out in person what my possibilities were.

i spent some time walking around the shop with Mike and learned about the process the board goes through from building a template to cutting, shaping, finely shaving, applying fiberglass, resin coats, and all of the other jazz that is the process of building a surfboard. after having a look around we talked about the different ways to color the board deck and rails. i left with my head full of thoughts and ideas and practically unable to sleep at the thought of picking our surfboard colors, you would have thought i was naming my first born child.

after nearly too long, i pulled together a color scheme and let Mike at Blackfern know, absolutely cannot wait to see hot it turns out!