We all have one or two insecurities. Some of us have more, and some may have none. My insecurities change through the years and even as frequently as daily; some range from physical appearances, to my abilities in some areas that often leave me feeling inept. But, one of the biggest and most recent insecurities comes from something I've worked on correcting years ago, my bottom teeth. I know this sounds crazy to some people, but it has bothered me as I have seen my bottom teeth shift, changing postition over the years. 

In my early teens, I had braces. I had braces to correct my top upper buck teeth and to move my bottom teeth into alignment. The overall process was years ago and I achieved great results, but over time I lost my bottom retainers, and I never updated my top retainer after it had cracked. Add in years of grinding, and general neglect with wearing my top retainers and my teeth have started to shift,  my bottom teeth are in such a way that I have a hard time admiring my smile the same way others do. I can't look at myself talking on video without staring at my bottom teeth, I focus in on them like a hypnotic spiral, it is without a doubt one of my top insecurities. 


I have consulted with my current dentist about doing a very well known clear aligner brand but the upfront cost, even with insurance, was a bit too steep to toss on my credit card or make payments on. After hearing about Smile Direct Club from multiple podcasts stations my curiosity peaked, I decided to research the company and see if, overall, I would be a good candidate -since I am only wanting to correct some minor alignment issues. 

After filling out a Smile Assessment form online about the current condition of my teeth, I received results saying that I  was a great candidate for Smile Direct Club. On November 13th, I decided to take the plunge and ordered my impression kit. Within days I received my kit right on my doorstep with everything inside to start my new smile journey!

One huge perk of Smile Direct Club is the cost, it's an all upfront one cost journey. And, way less than other leading brands on the market!

Smile Direct Club has two payment options, which I have listed below. I have personally chosen to go with the Single Pay option.


$80 a month for 24 months

$250 lab fee down payment


$1850 one-time payment

lab fee waived


One thing to note* the cost of the impression kit is separate from the total cost of the aligners. 

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The impression kit is pretty straightforward. The very same box that arrived on my doorstep contains the entire kit to get started. It also happens to be the same box you will return your completed impressions in. Pre-paid mailing sticker applied and a sticker to seal it all up comes included in the kit. The only extra items you need to get started is: a timer, a towel, and possibly an extra set of hands to help you get your "before" photos!

The Impressions Kit comes with a super rudimentary guide outlining everything you need to know about achieving correct impressions, I recommend reading it entirely and having it close by while you make your impressions. Also, don't forget a towel, there will be lots of drool. No mouth is safe from this!

Watch the clock as the putty sets quickly and needs to remain in your mouth for and entire 3 minutes and 30 seconds while it sets. 

Once you've completed all four impressions (for of your uppers, and two of your lowers) you are all set! The only thing missing is actual teeth photos!

After I finished my impressions I had to take some fancy (read, not super photogenic photos) of my chompers from multiple angles. The kit includes a Smile Spreader, which is really just a fancy name for a contraption that spreads your lips apart so that you can capture your back molars and every cavity with an unsightly filling. 


Now that my impressions have been mailed off in the same box they arrived in (with an already applied shipping label), I get the hard task of waiting so impatiently for my 3D rendering of my smile-to-be!

Stay tuned as I will be updating with my progress!


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this post is not sponsored in any way, I just really want to share my journey with everyone