birthday boy's salted dark chocolate caramel + pretzel cake

birthday's are my favorite! and by favorite i mean; whom ever's birthday it is, they deserve to be the highlight of the day, i want to make you your own special cake, buy you the best gifts, and take you to your favorite meal.. so when it's my husband's day, that means i'll be baking the best cake ever just for him, and i we get to have that cake all week long just for us!

start the birthday morning with grand central bakery treats.

start the birthday morning with grand central bakery treats.

since my honey badger has a massive sweet tooth -he once had me make a chocolate box cake for ourselves to have for snacking, we ate it's entirety a weekend- i did my research and knew it had to be a chocolate-something-cake. I found bon appetit magazine had a dark chocolate caramel cake with sea salt. sold. 

salted dark chocolate caramel cake

to jazz up the recipe even more, I added pretzels and an additional layer of dulce de leche, just in case there was some questions regarding if this cake was all chocolate and no caramel.

salted dark chocolate caramel cake


i used thick maldon salt and regular ol' generic pretzel's for the finishing touches.

salted dark chocolate and caramel cake

cake was so so good, and tasted way better at room temperature! I would definitely make this cake again, but, i would crunch up the pretzels and insert them in between the layers! link to the recipe is up top! and what do you guys think about my new layout?

buen provecho!