wow. wow. wow.

saturday's afternoon event; oregon bounty grand tasting was an amazing food lovers play date in oregon's boosum.

for three.straight.hours: i ate. i drank. i loved it.                                                        

from the moment i walk into the gates i experienced a culinary overload; wine to the left, food to the right, photo booths, and swag everywhere. i was happy as can be at my second feast event of the weekend. i quickly made my way around bountiful and beautiful oregon without leaving pioneer square. to start things off correctly i quickly grabbed my first tasting of wine, placed it into my new snazzy wine glass necklace, and of course i snagged a wine/food holding tray combo. just like a real road trip i stopped along the way and captured photos to freeze all of these amazing memories in my heart (or rather my sd card ).

for this being my first year attending feast, i don't have much else to compare it to, except that it beat each and every one of my expectations. if anything, i learned a few things and have even taken a few notes by watching others.


  • MISSING TABLES:you may miss someone's table. it will be okay, you don't know it now, but you will survive. be prepared for next year, build a strategy. take note of the top 5 places you must go to and make it a point to check those off immediately. remind yourself that everyone else is a treat, even if you do still manage to skip your most loved chef, tasting table, remember everyone at the bounty event is from oregon -or even better they may be local.
  • WHICH KIND OF BAG TO PACK: try to go as hand-free as possible. ditch everything you do not need. if you must use a purse or need to carry your wallet think about a cross body bag, backpack or a fanny pack. you will need a place to store photo-booth photos, business cards, sunglasses, and swag. a fanny pack is awesome it allows for complete hands free!
  • CAMERA: set your camera settings and lock them in. find a good distance and work with that. i had a hard time trying to balance between taking photos and grabbing samples. i purposely had to miss snapping photos for fear of the lines and my mind claustrophobia. if you plan out a good focal distance for photos, make it your standard and if you can't get a good photo because you're too far away, tough. this is why prime lens are great -you only have one window for getting those photos.