8070 e.mill plain blvd

vancouver, wa

open daily: 11a - 9p happy hour: 2 - 5p



Once again,I have found myself on the Washington side of the Columbia River to enjoy some Vancouver eats. never had I ever thought I would be promoting eats from Vancouver, but here I am, and dang, Vancouver has gained an outstanding pizza spot; one that has definitely encouraged my travels to this side of the river.

Rally Pizza, is located in the the mill, vacouver, washington's latest dining destination. with neighbors like smokehouse provisions -which has roots in portland-, and ben's bottle shop; How is this location not already on your radar?

The space is bold and beautiful, and not in a soap opera type way with glare downs and bitch slapping, but in that the interior is done in a fashion I have never seen in our sister city. the restaurant is very spacious, soaked in natural lighting and features beautiful hanging light fixtures in the bar area. The back wall is a friendly blue shade contrasted by the vibrant orange wall highlighting the hallway leading to the restrooms. The seating along the walls and within the bar area is built- up with wood in its naked state. The bar area follows the same smooth and modern flow with white countertops and orange neon lighting. This place is styled unlike any restaurant that I have seen in Vancouver.

Not only is Rally Pizza styled to my taste but they happen to be a super family-friendly atmosphere. both bathrooms offer a changing station, and there's a crap ton of parking -which means if the kid is having a melt down 'operation evacuate' can be performed with haste. 

Although Rally Pizza is really about pizza, their sides are absolutely note worthy and should not be skipped. Rally's recently updated their spring menu offerings with a changing assortment of in-season hearty sides -side items that can stand alone as a full meal.  

New additions to their menu include:

  • Arancini - fried risotto balls filled with meat sauce, and served with a spicy garlic-tomato dipping sauce.
  • Prosciutto & Mozzarella plate - prosciutto san daniele, hand pulled mozzarella, and warm flatbread
  • Bolognese Pizza - tomato sauce, smokey bechamel, slow-cooked beef and pork meat sauce, hand pulled mozzarella, and parmigiano-reggiano
  • Rally Combo Pizza - tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms, olives, smoked jalapenos, sweet and sour onions, and red peppers.
  • A build-your-own-pizza option: start with a base pie of tomato sauce and mozzarella and add from over a options like: anchovies, roasted mushrooms, fried duck egg, and sweet and sour onions.

keep scrolling to read and see everything we tried.

Left photo: prosciutto san danielle plate: hand pulled mozzarella, and warm flatbread, and market greens salad / Right photo: roasted veg plate: asparagus, rapini, snap peas, radishes, carrots, scallions on top of sheep cheese and topped with calabrian chile salsa, and pesto.

Left photo: market greens salad: peas radishes, spring onion, assorted pickled root vegetables, and tossed with a creamy, herbed buttermilk dressing. /Right photo: mango hammock cocktail: spiced rum, mango puree, mezcal, lime and ginger beer. smokey, sweet, cold and satisfying!

Tocco di verde: house-made ricotta, hand pulled mozzarella, parmigiano-reggiano, fennel/chile/garlic oil, and salsa verde

What a savory meat-less delight. a true pie to show off the bare bones of what makes a great pie, just dough baked neapolitan style to perfection and topped with simple freshly prepared ingredients. If you're the type that judges pizza on the crust -like myself- then get yourself over here and test it out. pizza making extraordinaire and executive chef, Alan Maniscalco, is known for constructing the entire pizza game that is known as Ken's Pizza. hello, who needs to hear more?

Snd, just to touch base on my favorite part of any dinner, do yourself a favor and save room for dessert. Rally's offers an assortment of freshly prepared concretes (the midwest version of a blizzard or flurry) blended with house-made cakes that owner Shan Wickman prepares daily.

Top of photo: tiramisu concrete, traditional coffee-soaked sponge cake, mascarpone, and rum zabaglione.

Bottom of photo: devils food cake, classic chocolate cake with chocolate froSting. Both desserts were packed with mix-ins and very decadent, my personal favorite was the tiramisu -with chunks of espresso-soaked cake and creamy custard. And, if pizza coma has taken effect don't fear, these desserts can be privately consumed -in the comforts of your pajamas at home- as all desserts and pizza's can be made for take-away.

disclosure: i was invited to a hosted preview of Rally Pizza's recently launched spring offerings. my invite was not in exchange for a positive review, all opinions shared are my own.



Smokehouse Provisions

8052 E Mill Plain Blvd

Vancouver, WA 98664



Okay guys so let me be honest, Vancouver, WA is quite possibly the least appealing place to ever be recommended for dinner. In the short time that I called the 'couve' my home I spent every dining chance I could in portland. I really didn't give the city a shot, I ate at a few local thai spots, grabbed standby chain food at chipotle, and hangover relief meals from McDonalds but never did I plan to dine in the hood.  So imagine me, -after five years of portland eating- now telling you to venture to vancouver to eat, I must really like something to suggest it, right!

Well, it's happening, you guys, go to Vancouver to get your grub on!

A few months ago (well actually, back in october 2016 -yep more than a few months) I went to a media preview of the newest restaurant to hit Vancouver, WA, Smokehouse Provisions, the latest opening from owner and chef B.J. Smith. B.J. is no rookie when it comes to opening restaurants, Smokehouse Provisions is his fourth restaurant in addition to Smokehouse Tavern, Kim Jong Smokehouse, and previously shuttered Smokehouse 21. This latest venture of B.J's' just happens to be outside of the portland area code and across the river in Vancouver, WA. Since sharing is caring why not share our favorite restaurants with our stateline neighbors? 

Smokehouse Provisions is located in Vancouver's newest shopping and dining destination, The Mill. 

Just like B.J.'s Portland restaurant's, Vancouver's Smokehouse Provisions will follow the same song and dance, and then some! Smokehouse will feature B.J's hallmark smoked and barbecued pig, lamb, fish, cow, and the menu will feature many of his Portland restaurant classics like the pig ear pork rinds, bacon molasses cornbread, and frito pie served in a frito chip bag. 

If you must know, those hot link deviled eggs are a-ok, there's something so fulfilling about a creamy deviled egg and then go and add a smoked hot link and you've got yourself a winning combination. And, with all that there is to order do not miss on those house-made milk buns and brisket!

If you're a little foodie like myself then you've probably seen or heard of B.J.'s recent appearance on BRAVO TV's TOP CHEF. Although he didn't ultimately bag the win it was fun to know one of our local chefs was back on the network. Anyone else watch along on this last season?


disclosure: i was invited to attend a media preview of smokehouse provisions, while there i received complimentary tastings of their menu offerings. all opinions shared are my own.