what do you do when you have three beautiful blood oranges and a day to yourself? you candy the heck of those little colorful juicy spheres! why; because I'm an adult and I can eat sugar for breakfast and because candied oranges are very inexpensive to make at home!

[this is an older post, i had blood oranges back in march, if they are no in season valencia oranges are a great stand-by, or any orange for that matter]

thinly sliced oranges using my assistant, miss. mandoline, all slice and no blood, just blood oranges!

after they are simmered, they need to rest on wax paper to become tacky

growing tacky

growing tacky

take those candied oranges a step further and give them a dark chocolate bath!

chocolate dipped oranges need their beauty rest.

chocolate dipped oranges need their beauty rest.

to enhance these beauties even further, give them a salty enhancement post chocolate bath!

a little dash of finishing salt for good measure

a little dash of finishing salt for good measure


2 oranges, thinly sliced with rind on

1 1/2 C. sugar

2 C. water

preferred dipping chocolate

optional: maldon finishing salt



thinly slice oranges, leaving the peel on. (i have a mandoline slicer which makes uniform slices, if you can borrow one or happen to have one, i highly recommend it!) discard the top and bottom with stems.

mix the sugar and water in large pot, stir, and set the liquid to roaring boil. give the mixture a few stirs to make sure the sugar dissolves. reduce heat to a low simmer.

place thinly sliced oranges into the simmering pot of sugar water mixture. arrange orange slices into a single layer, repeat layering the remaining slices in somewhat even rows. cover pot with a towel or parchment paper so that air may escape.

simmer oranges in the pot for 20 minutes, turn over any that have surfaced to ensure all have an even chance to candy, simmer for an additional 60 minutes. the water should start to reduce to a syrup stage and oranges slices should appear translucent. if necessary, simmer for an additional 20 minutes if liquid hasn't become very thick. in total 1 hour to 1 and 45 minutes of cook time.

orange slices should be very translucent. carefully transfer slices using tongs or a fork  -allowing excess liquid to drip back into the pot-  to laid out wax paper or cooling rack set on top of a baking sheet. oranges will become further tacky as they cool. allow to dry, uncovered 4-5 hours or overnight, they should feel tacky.

melt chocolate according to package directions and dip candied slices as you feel. sprinkle immediately with finishing salt if you prefer. allow chocolate to cool and enjoy!

candied oranges stay fresh in an airtight container for 3-4 days. store in an air tight container in the freezer to enjoy frozen and all year long! 



large pot 

wax paper

sharp knife or mandoline slicer

optional: cooling rack 

optional: baking pan