hey guys! we're a few days away from the start of spring and who else can't wait? wait a second, i can answer that, it looks like mother nature sure can... it's looking to another week of rain for us portland folks ;( oh well. to combat some winter blues i've blended up some colorful ombré smoothies using my favorite cold pressed strawberry apple genesis organic juice

besides looking forward to daylight savings, what are you doing to chase these winter blues?




first layer: blend the strawberry apple Genesis Organic Juice, 1 acai packet, ice, and 2oz coconut milk until smooth. pour out 1/3 of your cups space and freeze for 10-15 minutes. *freezing between the layers will help to keep the layers separated while we build them, otherwise you'll wind up with the layers bleeding (yep, i totally forgot to freeze, thus my layers bled). reserve remaining smoothie -we will start diluting this base.

second layer: to the remaining base add 2 oz of coconut milk, and 1/2 c. yogurt (or in my case 4 cubes). blend until smooth and lump free. pour out enough smoothie to build an additional layer on top of the beginning layer, sticking with 1/3 of the cups space. freeze and do not rinse out your blender.

third layer: to achieve a lighter color i recommend pouring off a little of the remaining base (about 1/3 of a cup), and to that base add 4 tbsp. full-fat coconut milk. blend until smooth and pour on top of the the previously frozen base. ta-da! add toppings and enjoy immediately!

i hope yours turns out better looking than mine, because Y O U will remember to freeze between the layers!

2/3 c. strawberry apple genesis organic juice

1 pkg. acai

1c. ice

4 oz coconut milk, divided

1/2 c. yogurt**

4 tbsp. full fat coconut milk

assorted toppings:

strawberries, kiwi, chia seed pudding

**for making smoothies i like to freeze extra yogurt in ice cube trays, by doing so i don't have to worry about expired yogurt and it works great in smoothies. 


thank you GENESIS ORGANIC JUICE for sponsoring this post!