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Who doesn't like a warm bowl of ramen? Tell me. I have yet to meet person that cannot find comfort in a warm bowl of salty broth filled with slurpy noodles and perhaps my favorite part, the beautiful and ever creamy 6 minute egg.

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out Marukin Ramen's newly launched menu items including their newest secret ramen -a super limited and hard to make ebi ramen-, and some wonderful additions to their to-go items.

Those additions include their Donburi (rice bowls), Nukazuke (japanese pickled vegetables),  Salmon Nakazuke (japanese style marinated salmon and pickled vegetables), and Nakazuke (japanese pickled vegetables). Take a look below to see most of the wonderful things I was able to try (and I say most because I wasn't able to take photos of everything, my mouth was too busy doing research).


daikon salad / nukazuke / salmon nukazuke / + / chicken karaage

The Daikon Salad is a refreshing mixture of shredded daikon, carrots, and green onion with an ume plum vinaigrette/ Nukazuke is a mixture of pickled japanese vegetables/ Salmon Nanbanzuke is a japanese style marinated salmon/ Chicken Karaage is a moist japanese style fried chicken served with a japanese style tartar sauce.

Ebi Karaage

A deep fried tiger shrimp with a japanese style tartar sauce


Before I give away the secret, did you know that MARUKIN RAMEN was founded in 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. They currently have over 10 locations with one of those locations being the first any only stateside restaurant and it's right here in portland, oregon.

Being a ramen shop that is highly specialized in ramen means each and every bowl is crafted with care and served at optimum temperature, making ramen to-go a great idea but harmful to the integrity of their homemade ramen noodles (as the noodles will continue to soak up the broth and breakdown). Therefore Marukin Ramen does not offer their beautiful bowls of noodles to-go, so take a moment and slurp up a bowl and grab some of those awesome sides or a donburi bowl -as mentioned above- to go!

the super secret ramen

While here on a media preview I was super fortunate to try the super secret ebi ramen, a rich tiger shrimp and chicken-based broth with sea salt. This vibrant and beautiful bowl of ramen comes topped with succulent and plump tiger shrimp, boc choy, a mushroom age-tofu mix, kikurage, and negri. 

The process behind making the ebi ramen is a multi-day process, making the ebi bowls of ramen super rare and limited to only 30 bowls on the select days it is even offered. The most direct way to learn which days and location is offering is to follow along on their social media channels: instagram @marukinram or facebook. I'd be sure to follow along because once that last bowl is offered up, there is no given time when the next opportunity to try the ebi ramen will be. 

So next time you're looking for some ramen to find solace from this brutal pacific northwest winter head over to either of the two Marukin Ramen locations and order up a bowl of comfort.

Thank you to Marukin Ramen's owners and chefs, for serving up an excellent variety of dishes and ramens to try and to Little Green Pickle for setting up the fantastic media event highlighting their house made noodles and dishes to go.

disclosure: i was invited to attend a media preview of Marukin Ramen's newly launched to-go offerings and ramens, while there i received complimentary tastings. all opinions shared are my own and not in exchange for a positive review.