the year of portland's best breakfast tacos

every year I make a new dinning goal, last year for 2015 I was on an endless mission to try eggs benedict if i was out brunching, and deviled eggs if i was out for dinner or happy hour.

now that we are well on our way into 2016 I have taken on a new special interest, one that results in finding the ‘best’ breakfast tacos in all of pdx. since breakfast taco’s are not as abundant as one would expect to find in texas, I have chosen two other replacements as they seem to be a little less obscure; huevos rancheros, and chilaquiles. although these too are rather neglected as breakfast options, they can and have been found, now i just need to document them all.

::stella taco pdx :: 

:breakfast tacos:

stella tacos
stella taco pdx

If you want some insight as to how I’ve become such a foodie it goes back to when I first moved to Portland during the summer of 2011, it was then that I made some huge eating discoveries.

For one, I had never tried Indian food, that’s not to say it wasn’t available in my old town, it just wasn’t marketed in the most appetizing way. Indian food buffets were the norm and with most movies eluding to explosive diarrhea post-curry eats, you can imagine I just hadn’t made the effort to trying it. My exposure to Thai food was nothing short of a Styrofoam box full of noodles from the mall food court, and American dinning was that of Tony Roma’s and Red Robin. The only amount of gourmet in my life pre-2011 and let’s imagine together that it consisted of ordering the cabanara hot sub at Quizno’s, an expensive meal at PF Chang’s, and very limited to most catering done at wedding’s. Do not doubt my desire to try new foods, that passion has always been there, it just wasn't available. After settling in and discovering the endless array of ethnic cuisines and farm fresh meals commonly found in Portland, I had to try everything possible. Along with every trip out I would discover names I had never heard of; mortadella, romesco, yucca, and endive. I also encountered food items I had never tried; foie gras, paneer, duck confit, baba ganouche.

Aside from trying new restaurants, and visiting the recommended favorites among Portland locals, I started to notice that egg items were appearing on every menu, day and night. [additional background story: at one point in my childhood I had sworn off eggs, I grew such a distaste that I could barely look at them without feeling a little queasy. over time I started to feel bad that I had such a strong opposition to the versatile egg, yet found-in-everything egg. I would try to see if there was something between us, and by ‘us’ I mean ‘eggs-and-I.’ I was on a mission, I tried various variations; egg scrambles, small bites of omelets, and eggs hidden in burritos but I just couldn’t get past a few bites.] so given my history with eggs I knew I was missing out on life.

So fast forward to today and I love eggs. Since I have been making up for lost time with restaurants and eggs,I have been trying them in every form; deviled eggs, fried eggs, pickle eggs, eggs benedict and everything in between. So the past few years I have decided to dedicate each year to trying a new food for the year.  Last year was the year of becoming very friendly with deviled eggs, and eggs benedict. The prior year was anything with beets, pickled plates, and before that pork belly was another conquest.

So there you have it, why I have decided to work out trying to familiarize myself with particular dishes each year and how i started a huge affair with eating like a queen.

cheers to breakfast taco hunting!