You guys, my second Degustabox arrived and I'm so ready to spill out what showed up in this month's box!

if you're still curious as to what Degustabox is, lemme tell you; it's a monthly subscription box of 10-15 full size edible delights each month. Degustabox comes delivered straight to your door, all for less than you would pay in stores!

Degustabox subscribers have no long term commitment, can do a box each month or just try one for fun, plus shipping is free! Follow the link below and receive %50 off your first box!


the following items were found within my August Degustabox


  • ALO Allure Pulp Free: surprise surprise, I have not tried a single aloe vera drink, so with that in mind I think it's safe to say I might be a fan. So what's the deal, why drink Aloe Vera? it's packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, supports muscle, tissue and joint functions.  besides helping from the inside out aloe very is also great for reducing inflammation! so why buy ALO, because it is all natural, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. made straight from the source, not from powder. and also Non-GMO project verified! Pretty sure I'll be buying this as my post work out recovery beverage from now on.
  • Popchips Ridges: how are these chips considered chips if they haven't been fried or even in the presence of a fryer? well turns out these Popchips are heated in a pressurized chamber and poof, they inflate! So although I have tried Popchips and am a fan, I hadn't tried their Ridges variety nor the Sour Cream and Cheddar flavor. so given the chance to try I am first to say I am not a fan of bold chip flavors, I am a traditional chip girl, I generally like regular salted chips, but I love salt and vinegar the most. so unfortunately I like the crunch and how these Popchips have never touched a fryer, I just don't enjoy Sour Cream and Cheddar as a flavor, in general.
  • Goetze's Cow Tales: These little chewy caramel candies are one's I have seen floating around local supermarket's but I just haven't tried them. so given the opportunity to try, trying I then did. these caramels are not overly sweet and are very chewy. Now I know what these taste like when I see them at the supermarket's
  • White Lily Grape and Wheat Flour: WOAH! this was an interesting item in my August Degustabox! First, this flour is part of the Non-GMO verified project and is traceable to have been grown in the U.S. I can't wait to test this out on a big baking project. I used a little of this flour this afternoon for some potato gnocchi and there was no difference in the outcome, should translate well with my other baking needs.
  • Sir Kensington's Chipotle Mayonnaise: although I am not a huge mayonnaise person I do use it in recipes and find that mayonnaise helps cake recipes come out super moist and let's be real makes for the best deviled eggs! 
  • Loacker Rose of the Dolomite: now these are completely new to me, and one thing is for sure, I am a fan of chocolate and hazelnut so let's just skip the formalities and say YUM! inside each box was four individually wrapped chocolate flowers filled with hazelnut creme and a water. similar in concept to a ferrero rocher but overall different in taste and shape. I like!
  • Vermont Smoke and Cure Mini Meat Sticks: well I can't exactly eat meat sticks for a few more weeks -i'm currently building a human within my own anatomy- so I had my co-workers try these out and report to me. the jury favored the Cracked Pepper Meat stick over the Turkey Pepperoni, saying the pepperoni included too much seasoning. but what makes me excited to try these meat sticks in the near future is the meat is raised on a vegetarian diet, raised without hormones or antibiotics, and is also gluten-free! can't wait to have my own little taste test.


  • Post Honey Bunches of Oats: cereal, I am your biggest fan. I can eat cereal for any meal, it's just comforting and pretty filling. My Post Honey Bunches of Oats came with Strawberries and was just as yummy as I remember.
  • Oregon Chai Tea Latte: I've purchased the pre-made version of this Chai Tea in the past and knew exactly what I was in store for when I received these convenient packets of Oregon Chai. the packets are super simple to use; add water, stir and enjoy! I made a tasty treat using the Oregon Chai Tea packets, follow this link to see the recipe.
  • Goya Maria Cookies: I've had these before and was so happy to see them in my box this month. these cookies are light in flavor and the perfect pairing for hot tea! 

recipe using Oregon Chai Tea Latte posted HERE

Thank you DEGUSTABOX for sending an August subscription box my way in exchange for my honest review!