sunday morning's. if my husband and i aren't outside chasing waves at the oregon coast, we are generally enjoying one of our laziest days of the week; at home, with our homemade breakfast sandwiches, and hot coffee.

while one of us gets a fresh french press of coffee going, the other graciously makes a quick run to our neighborhood grand central bakery for fresh breads; croissants, biscuits, and ciabatta rolls to prepare an array of easy and crazy delicious breakfast sandwiches.

today's top winner was our croissant bacon.lettuce.tomato.avocado and egg sandwich.

sunday morning traditions
blta and egg sandwich prep


  • assortment of grand central bakery breads
  • white cheese
  • butter leaf lettuce or arugula salad
  • fresh eggs
  • peppered bacon
  • avacado
  • red onions
  • aardvark secret habanero hot sauce
  • butter
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • large skillet
  • knife
  • cutting board


cook bacon to preferred doneness, drain bacon fat, set aside

slice all breads in half, slice cheese, onions, and avocado to preferred thickness, set aside

place skillet over medium heat, add a tablespoon of butter to pan, swirl until pan is coated. crack eggs, one at a time into heated skillet, season with salt and pepper,  cook to preferred doneness.

layer lettuce, and tomato on bread, top with cooked egg. layer cheese, onion, and avocado on top of egg. lastly add bacon, desired amount of hot sauce and top with bread, place on cutting board and slice in half.

buen provecho