momofuku milk bar words of advise:

read all recipes to completion, that means, read every sub recipe that may even remotely look associated with the 'mother recipe,' just read it. I had tried to turn out two milk bar cakes in one day, that was over a very far fetched aspiration. I was only able to complete one cake with an assistant cake helper and by the time the cake was completed, it wasn't even ready for consumption, it still required a few hours in the refrigerator. 

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step 1: bake momofuku milk bar birthday cake

step 2: build crumbs, birthday cake soak, and tear up previously baked cake

step 3: build cake balls!

step 4: coat cake balls in melted vanilla chocolate, (hopefully you don't burn the waxy crap out of the first batch of melted white chocolate like i did) toss in crumbs.

hello good looking!

so much effort but so delicious!

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Momofuku Milk Bar's Birthday Cake Truffles recipe here<-

so as i mentioned before in my advice up top; read all instructions. i started with my sights on completing the milk bar birthday cake, but having already completed the apple pie cake that same day left very little time to start a second one. i hastily made the birthday cake and tossed it into the freezer to store for the following day. the following day's cake duties turned into the weekend project. the weekend project turned into the following gym's rest day baking adventure, which then turned into another whole week. so by the time i pulled the cake out of the freezer i was afraid of what smells the cake had potentially taken on and was weary of the time it would take to complete the cake. one genius idea from the momofuku milk bar book is this amazing alternative to the traditional layer cake; to make birthday cake truffles.

if by chance you get to try a legit momofuku milk bar cake i want to give you a big ol' buck tooth smile, from me to you, because how awesome is that! the book can be found on amazon here  

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buen provecho!