i'm so happy you're here, welcome to my big trail of crumbs!


welcome to my collection of adventures; from my kitchen to the great outdoors. my blog, maxene's trail of crumbs is where you will find my adventures in cooking and baking from an inspired recipe, dinning locally, exploring about the greater pacific northwest, and generally wherever my adventures may take me.

let's face it, you're here for the pictures, and i'm horrible at writing so i'll keep the posts short. 

surf, eat, climb, bake, drink, repeat.

from my kitchen to the great outdoors, this is my trail of crumbs.

i have no special talents, i am only passionately curious
— albert einstein

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my name is maxene. i'm the voice,  photographer, crumb maker, and trailseeker behind the blog.

i live happily in the wonderful pacific northwest with my husband, or as i call him in public, my personal chef, he considers himself my personal sponge. on my blog he is often my hand model, or rather the one always chopping, and cleaning up my messes.

in a previous life i  was a former makeup counter queen, as well as a prepackaged and frozen meal glamourizer. the extent of my love for the great outdoors was self-limited to a few half-marathons and outdoor sports. that has all changed since i moved to portland, oregon in 2011. since then, my culinary love, and outdoor life have blossomed tremendously. on my blog you will find my NOW love for the great outdoors, my culinary adventures in dining throughout portland, my kitchen adventures in baking and cooking, my travels around the globe, and my general enjoyment of living in the pacific northwest, primarily portland.

with that all said i am very excited you have stopped by. i hope my blog inspires you to hit some PNW trails, bake a recipe, and create your own messy trail of crumbs.


  • surfing
  • live music
  • rock climbing
  • spain
  • happy hour
  • dinner parties
  • muay thai
  • playing tour guide
  • activities that involve food
  • girl dinner dates


  • mangos
  • doughnuts
  • cava
  • dark chocolate
  • cilantro
  • most pickled items
  • balsamic vinegar
  • pumpkin spice
  • citrus 
  • cake -all kinds
  • stout beer
  • coconut
  • passion fruit
  • homemade pasta