Welcome to my big trail of crumbs!


Welcome to my collection of adventures; from my kitchen to the great outdoors. My blog, Maxene's Trail of Crumbs is where you will find my adventures in cooking and baking from an inspired recipe, dinning locally, exploring about the greater pacific northwest, and a general scope of wherever my adventures may take me.

My blog name, Maxene's Trail of Crumbs was coined after my husband, jokingly (but not really), referred to himself as my "personal sponge" due to his constant diligence in cleaning up my kitchen mess, which was easy to follow by the lengthy trail of crumbs I always leave behind. 

 I'm horrible at writing and you're just here for the pictures so I will keep the posts short, I'll include a lot of photos and only post content I feel you would love too. 

surf, eat, climb, bake, drink, repeat.

i have no special talents, i am only passionately curious
— albert einstein


My name is Maxene! I'm the voice,  photographer, crumb maker, and trailseeker behind the blog.

I live happily in the most wonderful part of the states, the pacific northwest, with my husband and our high-spirited toddler.

In a previous life I was a former prepackaged frozen-meal glamourizer - you know, defrost frozen chicken, dump on teriyaki sauce and measure out dehydrated potato flakes. That was me. I lived in fear of trying recipes that required fresh and delicate ingredients and was unwilling to sacrifice my money for the sake of food science, I am happy to report that that has all changed. I also despised the outdoors, my extensive history with Mother Nature was self-limited to trail running and sun lounging on a river, you could easily say I didn't care much to be outdoors.That has all changed since 2011, when I moved to Portland, Oregon. Since then, my culinary love, and outdoor life have blossomed tremendously, this blog is where I share my love for it all.

On my blog you will find my developed romance with food and outdoor adventure: from hiking in the Columbia Gorge; day surf trips to the Oregon coast; and, my continuous flow of culinary adventures, be it sharing a complicated recipe, experimenting with fresh and local ingredients, or just a recap of my food infested weekend. While here you will also find my travels around the globe and my general enjoyment of living in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Portland. You could easily say I am all about that 80/20 life; 80 percent food, 20 percent adventure, because life is all about balance and creating the perfect meatballs with the right amount of fat!

With that all said I am very excited you have stopped by. I hope my blog inspires you to hit some PNW trails, bake a recipe, and create your own messy trail of crumbs.

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from my kitchen to the great outdoors, this is my trail of crumbs.

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